Auto Shine and Shield Soft Polymer

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Made in the USA

Product Overview

Shine and Shield Soft Polymer

Want to have your automobile looking better than factory new?

Create a gloss and shine that will make everyone jealous and add a high level protection from sun damage, salt, bird droppings, leaf stains, bugs, etc!

Our premium car care product lasts longer than wax and easier to apply. Simply spray on and lightly buff with a microfiber cloth.

Works great on paint, vinyl, stainless steel, glass, plexiglass and rubber.

Glidecoat Auto Shine & Shield is the ultimate replacement to wax and makes maintenance a breeze. Simply rinse with water when you return from your day on the road.

✔️ Provides high gloss and shine, restoring lost color and luster

✔️ Reduces sun damage and provides up to 8 months of UV Protection

✔️ Eliminates the need for auto wax

✔️ Makes the surface hydrophobic, which will repels; salt, bugs, dirt streaks and leaf stains

✔️ Minimizes automobile maintenance

✔️ Contains no wax or silicone products

✔️ Made in the USA


(No reviews yet) Write a Review