SharpShield Windshield Protection

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Product Overview

SharpShield Windshield Protection

Poor visibility causes over a million wrecks each year in the U.S. alone. Wet weather, glare, pitted windshields and darkness all compromise vision while driving. Small rocks and road debris cause windshield chips and cracks that can put the occupants of the vehicle at risk. Driving with a pitted or cracked windshield is dangerous, yet many drivers put off repairs due to the cost. That’s why preventing chips and cracks in the first place is the safest and most affordable option for drivers.

Better Windshield Chip Protection. Customer Satisfaction That Lasts

 Strengthens glass up to 40%

  • Nano-liquid formula for superior windshield chip protection
  • Increases nighttime vision up to 35% while reducing glare
  • Repels rain, snow, dirt, ice & bugs
  • Scratch-resistant protective layer lasts up to 4 years
  • Non-toxic & eco-friendly
  • Money Back Guarantee Program available

SharpShield liquid glass protection not only improves visibility. It actually strengthens windshield glass and greatly reduces windshield pitting.


1 50mL Prep Solution

1 50mL Shield Solution

How is SharpShield different from other windshield protection products?

There are many windshield protectants on the market today, but most only repel. SharpShield, while very repellant, also strengthens glass and improves nighttime visibility in any weather—not just rain and snow.

SharpShield liquid glass protection addresses the underlying issues that can cause windshield problems. It actively bonds to the silica in the glass, filling in the microscopic imperfections that can compromise the integrity of the windshield and cause a “halo” effect and glare. It actually strengthens the glass, providing some of the best windshield chip protection.

Average windshield protection films simply sit on top of the glass, where the protective layer can be wiped away. This means they require more applications and can potentially make glare worse. SharpShield offers extensive and increased protection by actively binding to the glass. It forms a scratch-resistant protective layer that lasts up to four years.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review