Universal Fit European Style Matte Black Body Side Molding Trim 18' Protection for Cars, Trucks, Vans, and More

Dawn Enterprises

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Product Overview

Looking for a way to protect your vehicle, as well as add value and style? Look no further than a Universal Fit European Style Matte Black Body Side Molding Trim Pack. Extruded Molding kits, like this one, allow you to customize your vehicle the way you'd like. When it comes to protecting your vehicle with Dawn Enterprises, Inc. Extruded Molding, there are numerous applications and unlimited possibilities. Wherever you decide to add this molding will be provided with a layer of protection from damage, preventing unsightly marks, scratches, and scrapes. Installing this molding kit requires no previous automotive installation experience, and can be applied easily by most people. It only takes a few short minutes to provide your vehicle with a lifetime of protection. Add a custom look to your vehicle, without breaking the bank, with a Universal Fit European Style Matte Black Body Side Molding Trim Pack.

  • MULTIPLE USES AND APPLICATIONS - Although this Body Side Molding Trim is intended for use on your doors to prevent damage, there are plenty of other applications that you can use it for. Easily add style and protection to the exterior of your vehicle by applying this molding wherever you could use a layer of defense!
  • ENOUGH INCLUDED FOR ONE VEHICLE - This 2" wide, 1/4" thick molding kit comes packaged as an 18' roll, which is enough to cover an application to your car or truck. You might even have a bit left over to enhance some of the other unprotected areas on the exterior of your vehicle!
  • STYLE AND PROTECTION - If you leave an area of your vehicle without a protective molding, there's a good chance that it may receive some unsightly marks or damage over time. Protect your investment, without sacrificing style, with a stylish molding kit from Dawn Enterprises, Inc. It only takes a few minutes to provide a lifetime of protection!
  • MADE IN THE USA - Located in the Greater Cleveland area, Dawn Enterprises, Inc. proudly manufactures their extruded products in their warehouse located in the United States. The workmanship of American workers is unmatched, resulting in a high quality product that supports the lives of employees residing in the United States. Have a question? Call and you'll be connected to a trained Dawn Enterprises customer service representative at the Ohio office.
  • FITS MOST VEHICLES - This molding kit is a universal, cut-to-fit product. Anywhere that there's a clean and flat location on your vehicle, you can install a Body Side Molding Trim to. Get creative and you'll be surprised at how good your vehicle can look!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review