Automotive Tint

Posted by Jason Robertson on 26th Dec 2019

Automotive Tint

There are lots of dealers online who sell automotive window tint. There are also TONS of different types of film available, from very cheap imported films to very high-quality glare reduction film. Tinter's Depot mainly stocks and sells higher-quality film, but we can order just about anything you want. Our focus is to provide high quality films at the best price available on the web. We offer dealer pricing on all products including Tools and Accessories.

Our top of the line films are ECKO, ST, NITRO, ICE, and VIVICLEAR. Each product is unique in what it delivers. ECKO is a ceramic/carbon hybrid film. ST is our standard film, good for most applications. NITRO is a true carbon film that is easy to apply and very high in quality. ICE is a nano-ceramic film. And our popular VIVICLEAR is an awesome glare reduction film for cars, trucks, vans, and RV's. 

If you're interested in setting up a dealer account, please click HERE and fill out the form. We'll email back and help set up your account. Our pricing is extremely competitive and we also quote large jobs, so please Contact Us if you have any special needs or large volumes of film.

Please note, orders being shipped to an address different from the billing address,

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