Ceramic Window Tinting

Posted by Robert Misener on 19th May 2022

Ceramic Window Tinting

What is the difference between regular film and ceramic film? Regular film is generally cheaper and often dyed. It is primarily used for privacy and aesthetic reasons. In terms of heat reduction and fade resistance it is less effective than ceramic film. Ceramic film is hardier than regular film. It blocks sun rays and provides effective heat control better than regular film. When making a decision to buy it is important to understand these differences and choose the film you believe is best for the job.

Ceramic window tints are created from ceramic particles. These particles are mixed with polyester to make a tough, resilient window film that is resistant to scratches. Ceramic window film is one of the most popular types of window film as it offers significant heat protection and UV blocking abilities.

Ceramic window film works by absorbing and reflecting sunlight. The ceramic particles make the film hardier than other films. It offers great heat protection and is energy saving. If you live in an area of significant heat, these films are especially economical, saving you hundreds on your electricity bill.

Ceramic window film also offers you protection both physically and aesthetically. Reducing glare is important to the health of your eyes as well as your safety when traveling in a vehicle. Ceramic window film also offers protection for your belongings; furniture is less likely to fade when protected from damaging solar rays. Whether protecting yourself or your belongings, purchasing the proper window film for the job is important. 

Ceramic tinting is worth the cost. As mentioned before, the amount you save on electrical bills is worth the cost alone. You also save money on replacing furniture as properly tinted windows protect your belongings from sun exposure. The cost of the window film, from $100 to $300 dollars typically, is a wise investment that pays dividends in the long run. If you are interested in upgrading your vehicle or home, our ICE Ceramic Film is an excellent option.

Ceramic window film is also safe and durable. It does not cause any harm to your body or contain any chemicals that may be harmful. It is also very durable so long as you take care of it. Avoid washing it with unknown chemicals that could damage the surface.

Understanding whether ceramic window film is useful for your next project is important. No matter what film you end up using, Tinter's Depot and our sister company Window Film and More have all the options you could possibly imagine.