Window Tinting: Explained

Posted by Robert Misener on 13th May 2022

Window Tinting: Explained

What is window tinting? Window tinting involves applying a layer of film of various thickness onto a glass surface. Window tinting has aesthetic as well as practical value. Some people like applying window film because it looks great, others understand its value of film as a heat or glare reducer. As for aesthetic purposes it is important to understand that laws vary state by state, and the application of window film which darkens the glass can land you a ticket if your state bans its application. 

There are many benefits to window tinting, and one of the most important is protecting your vehicle or home from the sun's rays. Preventing fading and other damage to the interior of your car is one such benefit. In addition, film provides heat reduction for your home or vehicle. The sun's rays can be brutal in the summertime, so its important to have properly tinted window that can lower the temperature of the vehicle. In addition to this, tinted windows are also excellent at preventing the glare of headlights as well as the sun from obstructing your view. At Tinter's Depot we provide Viviclear Glare Reduction Film that will prevent glare from affecting your day. 

Privacy is another benefit window film provides. For your vehicle, your belongings and self can be effectively obscured by tinted film, discouraging theft or harassment. As laws vary depending on location it is important to understand the limitations of certain film depending on your area. Also be wary of dark film when driving at night, as a film that is too dark can obstruct your view and jeopardize your safety. 

So how does one go about acquiring window film? At Tinter's Depot, we offer a variety of films that can suit any application you may desire. From our safety film to our solar film, we can accommodate any film specifications you require. We offer vehicle film and home film, so we have a solution for any situation you may encounter.