Safety Window Film --- (4 mil.)


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Safety Window Film 4 mil

Do you want to protect your family and your home from the average household accident involving broken glass?

Perhaps you know someone who unintentionally walked through a glass door and got hurt, or maybe you had a ball crash through your window pane, narrowly missing you or your child. Eliminate this risk with our Safety Window Film (4 mil). Designed to be impact resistant, this window film will hold the glass together in the event of a breakage, without obscuring vision. Constructed at 4 mil thick, the PVS 7501 safety film is not designed for security from break-ins, but it can slow down attempts. If you are interested in a greater security protection for your windows, check out our Security Film.

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Test Standard Characteristic Result
16 CPSC 1201
Safety Glazing
Impact Resistance Designed to Pass
Category I & II
16 CPSC 1201
Safety Glazing
Weathering Meets Requirements of
Section 1201.4(e) 1(iv) & 2(iv)
ANSI Z97.1 Impact Resistance Designed to Pass
Unlimited Requirements
ANSI Z97.1 Weathering Designed to Meet Requirements
Of Section Z97.
BS 2606 Impact Resistance Designed to Pass
All Requirements
ASTM D3330-96
Peel Adhesion 5.5lbs/in Pre-Weathered
ASTM D1044-94 Surface Abrasion
Delta Haze <3%
ASTM D635-88 Rate of Burning Material Does Not Stay
Ignited Long Enough for Reading
GSA's Method for Glazing Systems Subject to Air Blast Loading Bomb Blast Mitigation Designed to Perform to GSA
Hazard Level 3 Open Arena


(No reviews yet) Write a Review