Security Window Film - (8 mil.)


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PVS 7502-30-003
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Product Overview

Security Window Film 8 mil

A deterrent to would-be robbers, protection from the average household accident, and guards against wind borne debris.. these are just a few of the features you will receive when installing our Security Window Film (8 mil.).

Designed to hold the glass together in the event that the window is broken or damaged, this film also contains a UV rejection rate of up to 99%. When installed correctly, the PVS 7502 security film forces someone trying to break through to expend much more time and energy, just to penetrate it a little bit, that it is more likely they will retreat. In addition to the security, this film has the added benefit of protecting your house and family from everyday accidents; maybe a ball is accidentally thrown at a window, or a large glass door appears open and someone may run through it. Either way, with the added safety a severe injury is much less likely.


Test Standard Characteristic Result
16 CPSC 1201
Safety Glazing
Impact Resistance Designed to Pass
Category I & II
16 CPSC 1201
Safety Glazing
Weathering Meets Requirements of
Section 1201.4(e) 1(iv) & 2(iv)
ANSI Z97.1 Impact Resistance Designed to Pass
Unlimited Requirements
ANSI Z97.1 Weathering Designed to Meet Requirements
Of Section Z97.
BS 2606 Impact Resistance Designed to Pass
All Requirements
ASTM D3330-96
Peel Adhesion 5.5lbs/in Pre-Weathered
ASTM D1044-94 Surface Abrasion
Delta Haze <3%
ASTM D635-88 Rate of Burning Material Does Not Stay
Ignited Long Enough for Reading
GSA's Method for Glazing Systems Subject to Air Blast Loading Bomb Blast Mitigation Designed to Perform to GSA
Hazard Level 3 Open Arena

Dade County
Small Missile Test

Wind Borne Debris Designed to Pass PA201, PA202 and PA203 with Anchoring

All security films are installed on the interior surface of a window. The best method of installation is to remove the glass from the window frame, install the film, and reinstall the glass into the frame. The frame will act as an anchor to the film. If this is not possible, a bead of clear (or white, if preferred) silicone around the edge of the glass, about 24-48 hours after installation, is highly recommended. This will keep the glass and film firmly anchored in the frame if the glass is broken.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review